895.01/8–1748: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea ( Jacobs ) to the Secretary of State


680. Cite Zpol 9336. American-Korean negotiation groups now discussing initial financial and property agreement issued under quoted joint press release this morning:

“The first meeting of Korean and American representatives to negotiate the initial transfer of public funds and property from the South Korea Interim Government to the Government of the Republic of Korea, convened at 1400 hours, 16 August, in room 200, Civil Affairs Headquarters building.

The Korean delegation is headed by Prime Minister Lee Bum Suk and includes Foreign Minister Chang Taik Sang and Internal Affairs Minister Yun Chi Young. The American representatives are Major General Charles George Helmick, chief of the Civil Affairs Section, Twenty-Fourth Corps, and Mister Everett F. Drumright, Counselor, Office of the United States Political Adviser. Both delegations will be supplemented [by] advisers as the need arises.

General Helmick opened the first session by outlining suggested procedures to be followed and subjects to be discussed. The negotiations will be concerned with conditions under which the tools of government, principally public properties and moneys, will be handed over in an orderly fashion to the Government of the Republic of Korea. It was agreed by the negotiators that meetings will be held daily from 1000 hours until noon and from 1400 hours until 1600 hours until their work has been completed. Recognizing the right of the public to be informed as fully as possible, both principal negotiators agreed to issue joint press releases as often as practicable.”1

  1. For texts of agreement and supplement thereto between the United States and. Korea respecting an initial financial and property settlement, signed at Seoul on September 11, in force September 20, see 62 Stat. 3422. Telegram 293, December 18, from Seoul, reported that transfers stipulated in the settlement had been completed. “All governmental functions and accounts now turned over to Government Republic Korea.” (895.51/12–1848)