501.BB Korea/2–648: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea ( Jacobs ) to the Secretary of State

57. Pol 1664. Following is text of press release No. 25 issued this evening after UN Commission adjourned at six o’clock:

“The eleventh meeting of the UN Temporary Commission on Korea, following a three day’s debate on the subject of consultation with the Interim Committee of the General Assembly, adopted the following resolution:

‘The UN Temporary Commission on Korea having considered that the negative attitude of the Soviet authorities with regard to the work of the Commission has made it clear that it will not be possible for the Commission to exercise, for the time being, the functions conferred upon it by the General Assembly under the resolution of 14 November 1947 in the part of Korea occupied by the armed forces of the Soviet Union;

[Page 1095]

That the General Assembly, in resolution II of 14 November 1947, paragraph five, authorized the Commission to consult with the Interim Committee with respect to the application of this resolution in the light of results of the work of its sub-committees and in particular the consultations held up to date by sub-committee two;


(1) To consult with the Interim Committee with respect to the application of the resolutions of 14 November, in the light of developments; (2) the chairman, accompanied by the assistant secretary-general, shall represent the Commission during the consideration of this question by the Interim Committee; and (3) that in the accomplishment of this mission the chairman shall be guided by such directives as the commission may formulate.’”

V. Hoo stated that he and Menon plan to leave for Lake Success about February 13; that an interim commission with temporary chairman will continue hearings and that Interim Committee will meet about February 23.