501.BB Korea/2–248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)1


38. Reference Australian delegation inquiry cited daily classified summary 100 January 272 regarding your statement on authority of Korean Commission, Department’s view is that question of whether it shall on own initiative observe election in south Korea separately, or as alternative consult first with Interim Committee, is one for Commission itself to resolve. We should regard adoption of either alternative as normal and unexceptionable.

Thus we do not contend this matter should not be brought before Interim Committee. If Commission is disposed proceed under existing authority question need not be so handled; but if Commission desires to consult, guidance may assuredly be sought of Committee.

You may in your discretion and upon inquiry convey these views to other delegations.

  1. Sent as 24 to Seoul introduced by “The following message has been sent to USUN:”.
  2. Not printed.