501.BB Korea/1–3148: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea ( Jacobs ) to the Secretary of State


39. Cite Zpol 106. Our liaison officer just in from Pyongyang reports that when he delivered UN Commission letter on January 30 to Major General Shanin, Chief of Staff for General Korotkov, Shanin gave impression that Soviet forces in North Korea will have no dealings with UN Commission. Shanin also states that he saw no hope of [Page 1089] uniting Korea through UN Commission; that unification could be accomplished only on high level such as through “Molotov and Marshall.”

Liaison officer denies alleged “cleaning up” of Pyongyang for possible visit of UN Commission. States, however, that somewhat elaborate preparations are being made for grand rally in Pyongyang about Feb 5 or 6 in connection, he believes, with some announcement about new constitution or elections.