501.BC Indonesia/7–1948: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Pakistan


287. Urtel 378–A, July 19.1 Pls advise MinFonAff in manner you consider appropriate Dept’s position in respect present situation Indonesia. US Govt shares desire Pakistan Govt that peaceful mutually satisfactory settlement Dutch-Indonesian Rep dispute be achieved at earliest possible moment, whether under auspices GOC or through direct negotiations between parties. Dept does not believe that Neth rejection US–Aus working paper brings negotiations to permanent standstill. NethDel at present time seeking new instructions at Hague. New US delegate to GOC has been appointed and will arrive in Java in early Aug. Dept believes that substantive negotiations can be resumed before GOC in Aug with prospects of successful conclusion in not distant future.

Pak Emb Wash presented to Dept aide-mémoire similar urtel 378–A. Emb informed verbally foregoing info.

  1. Not printed.