501.BC Indonesia/7–2348: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate General at Batavia1

us urgent

347. Usgoc 125. Aneta reports that Rep has broken off negotiations before GOC. If this report true, pls advise Hatta that US Govt finds this development great disappointment since (a) it believes negotiations before GOC offer best prospect settlement of Dutch-Indo Rep dispute and (b) new US delegate to GOC on point of departure US for Indonesia. Emphasize to Hatta US Govt’s determination to support GOC with every appropriate facility at its disposal and its conviction that full-scale negotiations before GOC can and should be resumed directly on arrival US delegate.

Dept has learned that Indo question suddenly scheduled for SC Tues Jul 27. It is possible that Rep hopes by this maneuver to oblige GOC to report failure and to refer dispute in this manner to SC. If you believe this is true pls tell Hatta that this Govt’s position continues to be that SC unprofitable locus for negotiating solution of Indo problem and that it will be unable to support any efforts to refer dispute to that body for negotiation.

Pls endeavor to persuade Rep immediately to instruct its del Lake Success to the end that SC may be advised that negotiations have not been broken off and that GOC far from facing failure, has excellent prospect of success.

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For your info and possible use if deemed absolutely necessary Dept has secured adequate assurances from Neth Govt of its intention to resume full-scale negotiations before GOC shortly after Cochran’s arrival.

  1. Repeated in telegram 342, July 26, 5 p. m., to The Hague.