890F.7962/6–1248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Saudi Arabia


310. Because US-Saudi Arabian agreement regarding American activities Dhahran airfield expires Mar 15, 1949, question extension this Agreement must be brought up with SAG before long.

Please wire your views regarding timing and best approach in raising this subject. (Re Dhahran despatch 55, June 12,1 preliminary study by Air [Force] shows reported figures on operating cost of base are fairly accurate.) You may wish consider extension matter with Col O’Keefe before submitting reply. In this connection, Air Force has been informed by Col O’Keefe he and Col Snyder feel bad morale effect continuing training Saudi Arabs in airport operation with present improvised facilities might justify stoppage training program until new school bulding completed.

Col O’Keefe has been instructed discuss training stoppage with you. Dept feels final decision rests with you, O’Keefe and Snyder. From this distance however, in view delicate nature and US commitment train Saudis re airport it would seem effects complete stoppage training program more serious than injury to morale of trainees due to lack new school building.

  1. Not printed.