741.90G/1–1448: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iraq


19. Embtel 49, Jan. 14.1 Dept approves of attitude you have assumed when approached by members Iraqi parliament on subject of Anglo-Iraqi treaty and believes that it would be helpful for you to assume similar attitude when approached by other key Iraqi officials. It feels that your attitude would be more effective if you refrain except in unusual circumstances from taking initiative in conversations of this kind; if such conversations are carried on in a casual rather than pointed manner; and if they are limited to persons of influence known to be friendly towards US. Our objective might be defeated if the impression should be obtained that the British and Americans have some kind of an understanding with regard to the treaty and that Americans are acting as British tools.

You are commended for effective and tactful manner in which you have carried out this delicate task.

  1. Not printed; it advised that, in conversations with prominent Iraqis, Mr. Dorsz had expressed the “view that it would seem to be in Iraq’s interest to have a mutually agreeable treaty relationship with friendly power such as UK. Otherwise security of country might become seriously endangered by an unfriendly power seeking opportunity to impose police state conditions such as prevail in eastern Europe” (741.90G/1–1448).