741.90G/1–1048: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman) to the Secretary of State

secret   us urgent

97. 1. According Wright who asked Loy Henderson be informed soonest twenty year Anglo-Iraqi treaty was initialed this afternoon.1 Formal signature expected January 15.2

2. Embassy pouching text which Wright describes as “very satisfactory” and possible cornerstone on which future British relations with Egypt and other Middle East countries can be based.

3. Foreign Office tonight instructing British Embassy Jidda to outline substance treaty to Ibn Saud3 and to say that HMG would be pleased to make similar treaty with SAG. Visit Feisal4 London end January is suggested as possible opportunity for treaty talks.

Sent Department 97, repeated Baghdad 4, Jidda 2.

  1. The Department, on January 13, informed Cairo in telegram 40 (repeated to other Arab capitals and London) that it considered “agreement this general type in interests of US.” (741.90G/1–1348)
  2. The treaty was formally signed at Portsmouth, England, on January 15; for text, see British Cmd. 7309, Iraq No. 1 (1948): Treaty of Alliance between His Majesty in respect of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and His Majesty the King of Iraq.
  3. Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, King of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Amir Faisal, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister.