860H.00/6–2948: Telegram

The Military Attaché (Partridge) and the Naval Attaché (Sweetser) in Yugoslavia to the Secretary of State 1

top secret   urgent

180. A. We might be asked any minute the following questions:

Will the West support Tito against Russia? If so, then how?
Diplomatically through UN, economically, or with direct military action?
How soon and to what extent in each respect?
What commitments or guarantees must Tito make in return for such support? Request answer soonest.

B. Recommend boldest possible exploitation of this defection in the keystone of Soviet satellite Believe Tito cannot long withstand Soviets alone. Believe that if he really wants to try and is given full support from the West he would have good prospect of a success which would lead to the solution of our major problems in Europe.

C. Recommend no action by US other than propaganda until approached by Yugoslavs then prompt and positive response. See today’s Embtel number 789.

Partridge and Sweetser
  1. This message was directed to various appropriate military and naval commands in Washington and Europe for action or information and to the Department of State for information.