860H.00/6–2948: Telegram

The Chargé in Yugoslavia (Reams)1 to the Secretary of State

top secret

789. Most immediate concern in this brilliantly fluid situation is possibility of approach by Tito agent to determine type and extent assistance we may be prepared make available at any of the several levels of development events may take.

I shall of course take no initiative but pending instructions will adopt as positive line ad referendum as seems defensible. Urgently I recommand Dept consider release general statement which possibly not referring to Yugo would remind world of US principles protecting territorial integrity small nations.2

MA and NA concur. Cabling Defense separately.3

  1. Counselor Reams served as Chargé from June 27 to July 28 during Ambassador Cannon’s absence from Belgrade.
  2. Telegram 336, June 29, to Belgrade, not printed, replied with the following basic instructions:

    “In event possibility foreseen urtel 789 June 29 materializes make no commitments, report circumstances and await instructions. Kept not position make statement pending clarification situation basis your full telegraphic reports developments which are urgently awaited.” (860H.00/6–2948)

  3. See telegram infra.