Memorandum by the Secretary of State to President Truman

Memorandum for the President

Pursuant to a Four Power declaration of the Council of Foreign Ministers, December, 1946, invitations have been issued by the Yugoslavian Government to convene a conference of Big Four powers and the six riparian states on July 30, 1948, at Belgrade, to work out a new convention regarding the regime of navigation of the Danube. The Department of State has recommended a delegation of 26 persons, with Cavendish W. Cannon, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Yugoslavia, as Chairman, and Mr. Walter A. Radius, Director of the Office of Transport and Communications, Department of State, as Vice Chairman.

In accordance with the procedure approved by you regarding Delegation membership, I am presenting for your consideration the above names, and it is recommended that you approve their designation.

I would appreciate your informing me if this recommendation meets with your approval.1

G. C. Marshall
  1. President Truman wrote on this memorandum: “Approved Harry S Truman July 15, 1948”.