840.811/7–848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France


2529. US Delegation Danube Conference planning to leave Washington by plane on July 19 arriving in Paris July 20. Over recent weeks, Dept has informally informed French and British Embs of its desire to hold informal three-cornered conversations prior to Conference. USDel could be available in Paris on July 21 through 23 before proceeding to Vienna for conversations with US military authorities. Request you ask FonOff whether this is convenient and cable reply to Dept. It would be our view that there should be a frank and complete discussion of policy problems that are apt to arise at the Conference, in order that French, British, US positions can be carefully coordinated.1

Sent to Paris as 2529; rptd to London 2623; Vienna 595; Belgrade 353; Berlin 1208; Geneva 881.

  1. This information was sent to the Embassy in the Soviet Union in telegram 784 on July 9, with the further statement that the United States delegation would reach Vienna on July 25, where it would stay two or three days for conferences with United States authorities in Austria, with representatives of the Office of Military Government, United States, Berlin (OMGUS), and possibly with the Austrians should they so desire. (800.00 Summaries/7–948)

    Ambassador Jefferson Caffery advised the Department in telegram 3628 from Paris on July 10 at 9 p. m., that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepted July 21 as the date to begin advance discussions on Danube policy in Paris with the United States and British delegations. (840.811/7–1048) In telegram 3148 from London on July 13 at 5 p. m., Ambassador Lewis W. Douglas reported that the British Foreign Office was agreeable to holding three-cornered conversations in Paris by noon on July 21. (840.811/7–1348)