711.4027/10–2148: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


4030. Pursuant Depts 4048 to Paris Oct 161 Dept desires Emb London with assistance Satterthwaite, Deak and Railey inform Brit US has carefully considered FonOff reply Satellite Aviation Policy (London’s 4340 Oct 1) and proposes following:

[Page 473]
US willing leave question Satellite flights Western Europe in abeyance with understanding US, while not retreating from its previous position, does not desire press this aspect policy further for time being. Until views our respective govts this phase policy have been reconciled US concurs with Brit (para 7 FonOff Note) such portion policy should not be discussed with other countries by either Brit or US.
US notes Brit concurrence desirability common front action re sale equipment and facilities and desires in accordance Brit suggestion consider with Brit most effective means prompt implementation and timing thereof.
Importance Brit attach prevention Satellite air operations Middle and Far East leads US believe Brit would be willing, in view proposed suspension question Satellite air operations Western Europe, support intensified efforts persuade countries this segment Soviet periphery block Soviet and Satellite flights. US would welcome Brit views re best means accomplish this objective.

Re Paris’ 5402 Oct 15 Dept concurs Emb London should rpt to Paris, Bern and Stockholm, as well as other US missions Western European countries which US-Brit discussions indicate should be approached re equipment and facilities aspect NSC 15/1,2 its telegraphic report to Dept. Believe preferable Western European posts not proceed with representations until Depts insts can be transmitted in light report of Brit discussions.

Telegraphic travel orders Railey (Deptel 3810 Sep 29)3 will follow.

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