711.4027/10–1548: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


5402. From Satterthwaite, Deak and Railey.

Although British reply (London 4340 October 1) in most respects negative Paragraph Nine concurs in suggested prohibition sale of aircraft, components and associated equipment to curtain countries as well as denial by western powers of maintenance and overhaul facilities for satellite aircraft.
We therefore strongly recommend that Department proceed soonest possible with implementation this portion of policy. Regarding procedure for implementation following submitted for Departments consideration: that Embassy London be instructed to inform the British that we are proceeding on the basis of the agreement expressed [Page 472] in Paragraph Nine of their reply and that we plan immediately to approach other western European countries. The London Embassy would repeat to Paris, Bern and Stockholm its telegram to the Department reporting on their conversations with the British and if the British reaction is satisfactory then Departments representatives in those countries could proceed immediately with representations to the governments to which they are accredited.
The Department may wish to instruct London Embassy concurrently to inform British that we are reserving our comment on their response to the transport phase of the satellite policy.
Practicality of this procedure is supported by Alphand’s informal indication (in course of discussion Bulgarian plane deal) of French willingness to endorse a policy of no further sales aeronautical equipment to satellites (Embtel 5179, October 4 [3]).
Necessity of speedy action indicated by: difficulties in connection with French aircraft sale to Bulgaria; report of subsequent British sales effort of de Havilland in Sofia; Yugoslav maneuvre to procure British jets through Swiss and Spanish middlemen (Bern’s 1319, October 6)1; increasing pressure society British aircraft constructors and British Board of Trade to expand exports British aircraft at any cost; plus imminent possibility that Sweden will make intensive effort sell new Scandia transport to curtain countries. Department will also recall pressure on KLM by satellite countries to make use of their extensive overhaul facilities.
The foregoing is fully concurred in by Ambassadors Caffery, Harriman2 and Matthews3 as well as by Bohlen and Reinhardt.4

Sent Department 5402, repeated London 1066, Bern 71. [Satterthwaite, Deak and Railey.]

  1. Not printed.
  2. W. Averell Harriman, United States Special Representative in Europe for the Economic Cooperation Administration, with the rank of Ambassador.
  3. H. Freeman Matthews, Ambassador in Sweden.
  4. G. Frederick Reinhardt, Chief, Division of Eastern European Affairs, Department of State.