Editorial Note

In a memorandum of August 18 to two officers of the Division of Southern European Affairs, Leonard J. Cromie of the Division of Greek, Turkish and Iranian Affairs stated that “On August 10, the Greek Ambassador called on Lovett and asked that the US either (a) request Russian intervention with the Albanians with a view to the disarming and internment of fleeing guerrillas, or (b) a tri-partite US-UK-French direct approach to the Albanians through the French Minister [at Tirana] for the same purpose.” Mr. Cromie observed that the Department had already instructed Mr. Parsons to propose an [Page 257] UNSCOB démarche in this sense, the result of which was the UNSCOB resolution of August 12 (see Balcom 197, August 9, and footnote 2, page 253). He also noted the thought in the Department that this action would satisfy the Greeks; but on August 17, the Greek Ambassador approached Mr. Jernegan with a renewed request for a direct tripartite approach (868.00/8–1848).