501.BB Balkan/8–1748: Telegram

The Secretary of State to Mr. Gerald A. Drew, at Athens


1184. Balcom 200 for Drew. Dept now favors inclusion in supplementary report to GA of recommendations along lines given in numbered paras below (Balcom 195, Aug. 61). Recommendations might well be preceded by some such explanatory statement as follows:

The Special Committee had hoped that between filing its Report of June 30, 1948 and filing this supplementary report, the countries that have refused cooperate with the Committee would have changed their policy, and that Committee could report that assistance and support had ceased to be furnished to the guerrillas fighting against the Greek Govt. Unfortunately, every effort to bring about cooperation with the Committee has been frustrated and evidence of continuing material and other forms of assistance to the guerrillas has accumulated.

In view of foregoing and facts set forth in the Report of June 30, 1948, of the Special Committee, the Special Committee recommends:

That the GA reaffirm its resolution of October 21, 1947;
That the GA call upon Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to cease forthwith rendering any further assistance or support in any form, directly or indirectly, to the guerrillas fighting against the Greek Govt., and remind those states that such conduct is inconsistent with the obligations of Members of the UN.
That the GA call upon Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia in particular, as well as upon all other States, to disarm, in accordance with accepted principles of international law, all persons who have been fighting against the Greek Govt, who come into their territories and to take every precaution necessary to ensure that such persons do not re-enter Greece without the permission of the Greek Govt, or use the territory of these countries as a base for the preparation of armed action against the Greek Govt.
That the GA recommend to all Members of the UN and all other States that they exercise care not to do anything which might furnish assistance or support in any form to any armed group fighting against the Greek Govt.
That the GA instruct the Special Committeee to carry on its activities and investigations in order to observe compliance not only with the recommendations contained in the GA’s resolution of Oct. 21, [Page 256] 1947 but with, any additional recommendations which the GA may make, and to hold itself available to assist in the implementation of all such recommendations;
That the GA direct the Special Committee to continue to utilize observation groups in such manner and with such personnel and equipment as the Special Committee deems necessary for the fulfillment of its task;
That the GA instruct the Special Committee to report, together with any further recommendations which it deems appropriate, to the next succeeding GA, and that it authorize the Special Committee to consult with the Interim Committee of the GA (if such Committee be continued) with respect to such further steps as should be taken before the next meeting of the GA to assist in achieving the objectives of the GA’s recommendations with respect to the Balkan problem.

Dept’s present thinking is that above language embodies essentials our anticipated position in GA and constitutes basis for satisfactory resolution which UNSCOB might propose either formally, or informally through its rapporteur, to GA in Sept.2

  1. Identified also as telegram 1123 to Athens, not printed.
  2. In a memorandum of August 16 to Under Secretary Lovett, Mr. Rusk stated that:

    “Paragraph 3 of the proposed recommendations, while pointed particularly toward Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, would apply also to all other states in the effort to ensure that guerrillas fleeing from Greece or preparing to enter it would be disarmed, or prevented from returning to fight there, by the state in whose territory they were found. Paragraph 4 is intended to bring other states of eastern Europe within the scope of the General Assembly’s recommendation to do nothing which might aid the Greek guerrillas.

    “Paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 are intended to: (a) give General Assembly confirmation of UNSCOB’s methods of work to date; (b) to broaden its powers of observing compliance so as to include the new recommendations; (c) similarly to broaden its powers of being available to assist in the implementation of such recommendations, i.e., the conciliation role; (d) to give full sanction to the Committee’s use of the observation groups; and (e) to highlight the Committee’s responsibility of reporting to the 1949 General Assembly as well as to permit the Committee to consult, if necessary, with the Interim Committee if the latter be continued.” (501.BB Balkan/8–1748)