501.BB Balkan/4–548: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Gerald A. Drew, at Salonika


92. Balcom 138. Although special GA re Palestine might seem in some quarters offer opportunity seek GA strengthening revision UNSCOB terms of reference (Combal 135, Apr 51), Dept opposed any [Page 241] such move unless Greek situation should suddenly take marked turn for worse. Dept generally opposed addition to agenda coming special session of clearly substantive items other than Palestine problem unless of sufficient gravity to necessitate immediate GA consideration.

Although fully conscious difficulties UNSCOB terms of reference especially as they affect development fullest capacity observer groups, Dept does not feel this question approaches status sufficient gravity to justify introduction at special session. Dept also convinced impossible raise narrow phase Greek question at special GA for limited purposes without provoking full dress debate on entire question which Dept considers undesirable at this time. You should therefore actively discourage any efforts of UNSCOB delegates to bring UNSCOB problems before GA at present.

In recognition real difficulties you describe, but believing they can and should be met to considerable extent under aegis existing GA resolution, Dept prepared make direct diplomatic approach to govts Australia, Pakistan and others represented on UNSCOB with which you feel such missionary work needed. Our thought would be to give major emphasis to need relaxing undue distinction between observation and investigation and to authorizing fuller utilization of testimony of witnesses in findings reported by observer groups to UNSCOB. Dept would appreciate your comments and suggestions re diplomatic approaches referred to above both as to govts with which such action would be helpful and as to particular points to stress with each.

Dept is giving active consideration to problems you raise in numbered points 2–5 para 4 (Combal 135) both in connection with present scope of UNSCOB activity and with preparation for regular session GA in Sept.

  1. Identified also as telegram 140 from Salonika; it advised that convocation of the special session of the General Assembly on Palestine had revived latent sentiment favoring referral of UNSCOB’s problems to the General Assembly. Mr. Drew recommended that the Department consider possible advantages in the adoption of a resolution clarifying and broadening UNSCOB’s terms of reference. (501.BB Balkan/4–548)