501.BB Balkan/3–3148: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Mr. Gerald A. Drew, at Salonika


86. Balcom 131 for Drew. Dept strongly approves efforts obtain continued UNSCOB action with regard Albanian protests Secy-Gen (re Combal 127).1 Greek Embassy has been approached along lines requested.

We feel March 17th Albanian communication to Secy-Gen provides occasion for sharp UNSCOB rebuke direct Albanian Govt pointing out manifest Albanian insincerity and reviewing record UNSCOB conciliatory efforts and Albanian intransigence. UNSCOB statement might include an allusion Albanian candidacy for UN membership and inconsistency between Albanian attitude toward UNSCOB and cooperative attitude implicit in the Charter.

Dept keenly concerned over reports military activity Albania and recommends UNSCOB include statement in above communication, for whatever deterrent effect it may have, along following lines: UNSCOB gravely concerned over reports of alleged military activity in Albania in preparation for large-scale support to Greek guerrillas. UNSCOB sincerely hopes these reports are groundless for, if true, UNSCOB would be compelled to direct the urgent attention of UN to serious consequences of such developments.

We suggest such communication be transmitted both directly and through Secy-Gen and given widest publicity.

Sent Salonika 86 for Balcom 131; repeated to Belgrade 148, London 1146, Paris 1074, Moscow 364.

  1. Identified also as telegram 131, March 31, 4 p. m., from Salonika; the Albanian protests dealt with “Greek provocations” and were intended for the information of the Secretary-General and the public (501.BB Balkan/3–3148).