860S.5151/3–548: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser ( Joyce ), at Trieste


96. Urtel 108 March 5.1 Confirm Deptel same date 91.2 Proposed $20 million program covers chiefly items now supplied PL 84. Tentative breakdown 15–month program follows (all figures in long tons):

Wheat 62.180, edible fats (lard) 3.820, horsemeat 810, milk, evaporated 5,090, pulses 5,100, coal 240,000 and industrial fats 900. Also $315 thousand for medical supplies and $200 thousand for fibers incentive and other goods.

Sent to Rome.

  1. In this telegram, not printed, Joyce referred to a report that Secretary Marshall requested Congress for $20 million for Trieste through the fiscal year 1949. He asked about the specific purpose of this sum: to combat disease and unrest, or to foster economic rehabilitation. (860S.5151/3–548)
  2. Not printed.