840.50 Recovery/4–2348: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy


1192. Dept considering recommending to OEEC members that they invite US–UK Zone Trieste become member OEEC. Objective would be to integrate Trieste in Western European economy and enable US broaden assistance from present relief to ECA recovery basis. See Trieste’s telegram repeated you as 81 of April 17.1

Dept sees no prejudice in such action to eventual reincorporation Trieste in Italy, but possible long delay in reincorporation suggests advisability acting now. Proposal in OEEC would be accompanied by affirmation that no change position France, UK or US as to ultimate status Trieste is implied.

Possible admission Trieste now being explored informally with OEEC membership. If no opposition encountered, it is Dept’s understanding that, once OEEC established by ratification charter by 10 members, admission could take place by decision Organization’s council. May require several months in all.

Your views on proposed admission Trieste to OEEC are requested, as well as informal views Italian officials. In discussion with latter it should be emphasized that this proposal has objective of bringing Trieste closer to West rather than further separation from Italy and represents no change in our resolve to see Trieste returned to Italy at earliest possible time.

  1. Not printed.