740.00119 Council/2–2648: Telegram

The Ambassador inthe United Kingdom (Douglas) to the Secretary of State


745. Delsec 1581. At third meeting on German problems February 26 Strang Welcomed Benelux representatives consisting of single delegation headed by Netherlands Ambassador Van Verduynen, assisted by Belgian Ambassador, Luxembourg Minister and one high ranking officer from each Foreign Office.

Before proceeding with agenda it was agreed on Strang’s suggestion to set up committee experts to furnish information on present political and economic organization of Bizone and French zone for use later in considering Item F.

Douglas cited recent press leak and urged cooperation adhering closely to agreement on secrecy of meetings.

Agenda Item A was then discussed. Benelux representatives hoped [Page 92] favorable decision be made in due course to permit further consultation with Benelux governments on German problems. Strang in reply stressed necessity consider relations with fourth partner in Germany before giving formal character to association with Benelux. Massigli also felt it was better to leave situation fluid for time being without formalizing arrangements. Douglas agreed stating we should avoid creating embarrassing situation. Benelux representative recognized importance keeping door open for fourth occupation power but asked whether Benelux governments could receive formal assurance that if Four Power cooperation failed materialize Benelux governments would be permitted participate further conferences on Germany with three western powers. Other representatives agreed consider this question and to furnish reply later.

Sent Department 745, repeated to USPolAd, Berlin 31, Paris 71, Moscow 34, The Hague 15, Brussels 24, pass to Luxembourg; Oslo 8, Copenhagen 13, Stockholm 17 and Rome 34.