740.00119 Council/2–2648: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


665. For Reber. During recent call at Dept Ital Amb referred to Benelux participation Londonconversations re Germany, pointed out Ital interest German economy owing importance German market for Ital exports, andasked that Ital position be taken into consideration. He added Ital Govt would greatly appreciate opportunity submit its views this matter.1

Dept is of opinion it would be helpful, as timely evidence Western support of present moderate Ital Govt, if US, UK and France were to invite Itals present their views re German economic problems of especial interest to them. Pls discuss this matter with UK and French reps and propose concerted action to this end at early date. It would probably be impracticable to hive Itals participate in present London meetings which have already begun and initial action might be confined to inviting Ital Govt to submit to the three Govts its views in writing concerning German questions of interest.

  1. A record of the call under reference here has not been found. The Italian position summarized here was set forth in a memorandum from the Italian Embassy to the Department of State, dated February 12, 1948 and in a letter of February 25, 1948 from Italian Ambassador Alberto Tarchiani to Assistant Secretary of State Willard L. Thorp, neither printed (740.00119 Control: (Germany)/2–1248 and 740.00119 Couneil/2–2548).