740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–2848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)


165. Personal for the Ambassador. Army Dept has telegraphed Clay as follows re first subject mentioned your 227, Jan 28:1

“Idea of rearranging zonal boundaries Wuerttemberg–Baden was set forth in purely personal memorandum anticipating probable French desires and assessing bargaining position in the event that a high level decision (which appears unlikely) should be taken here to press French to join trizonal fusion. Suggestion was therefore based on merely hypothetical assumption. It has long been recognized that the French particularly wish this reorganization and that ultimately it would be desirable to reconstitute the former states of Wuerttemberg and Baden. State and Army appreciate your reasons against transfer under present circumstances. At all events, it is agreed here that no decision of this kind will be taken without first consulting you and weighing military and strategic considerations.”

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