740.00119 Council/1–1948: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands


33. Following representations Neth, Belg and Lux Govts concerning their desire participate in discussions re Germany,1 notes have been transmitted these Govts stating following (reurtel 41 Jan 192).

US aware essential interest three Govts in future Germany and valuable contributions which three Govts can make by reason experience and knowledge Germany; attentive study already given by US to earlier suggestions made by three Govts; US will keep in mind desire three Govts for representation in future international discussions re Germany and expects take up shortly with France and Brit questions relating to conduct such discussions, including best means satisfying desire of three Govts.3

Sent The Hague as 33; repeated Brussels as 139; Luxembourg as 5.

  1. Regarding the representations under reference here, see the memorandum of conversation by Conklin, January 12, p. 23, and footnote 1 thereto.
  2. Not printed; it reported having been informed by the Belgian Foreign Ministry that the approaches made by the Belgian, Netherlands, and Luxembourg representatives in London, Paris, and Washington regarding participation in the consultations on German affairs had resulted in generally favorable responses (740.00119 Council/1–1948).
  3. The notes, the substance of which is given in this paragraph, were transmitted to the Belgian, Netherlands, and Luxembourg Embassies on January 24, none printed (740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–1448).