740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–2648

The British Embassy to the Department of State



His Majesty’s Government would be grateful for the views of the United States Government on the scope of the forthcoming three-power talks about Germany in London before putting any detailed proposals to the French Government.

Mr. Bevin suggests that the aim of these talks should be to reach agreement in principle on the main issues and that any outstanding details could then be worked out at separate meetings either in Berlin or London.

Mr. Bevin proposes that the subjects to be discussed should include:

Trizonal fusion, including the political and constitutional structure of Western Germany;
Security against Germany;
Control of the Ruhr;
Frontiers and internal administrative boundaries;
Reparations deliveries;
Association of Benelux countries in policy in Western Germany;
Maintenance of four-power machinery in Berlin.

The talks might also cover any outstanding issues not settled by the discussions in Berlin about the Saar, financial reform and other technical questions.

The above list of subjects does not necessarily represent the order of discussion which can be decided at the first meeting. Mr. Bevin suggests that an attempt should be made to settle the problem of the Saar before opening any new questions and that it should be made clear to the French representatives from the start that these talks are concerned primarily with the single problem of the future co-operation of the three governments in Germany and that all the problems involved should be dealt with in that context and not in isolation.

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His Majesty’s Embassy would be grateful for the views of the United States Government on these proposals as soon as possible so that the French Government may be informed.