740.00119 Control (Germany)/1–2448: Telegram

The Acting United States Political Adviser for Germany (Riddleberger) to the Secretary of State


206. Personal for Saltzman and Hickerson. In a conversation last night with St. Hardouin and Noiret, I got the strong impression that the French in Berlin are not particularly interested in continuing, at least at this time, conversations either on the Saar or on the reorganization of Bizonia. As reported in mytel 202, January 24,1 there is no text that was agreed to here on withdrawal scale Saar coal and all of the French delegation have now departed for Paris.

The discussions by the experts on the question of Saar reparations here also inconclusive. However, we feel impasse has been reached. Rather careful calculations indicate that reparations adjustment for Saar would absorb complete French shares IARA. French indicated this highly undesirable and were going to refer matter to Paris. That would imply that some method of calculation could be found which would not wipe out their total IARA share.

St. Hardouin asked me when I could give him a copy of the draft proposal on the bizonal court2 and I replied that I hoped to be able to do so within a few days. Neither Noiret nor St. Hardouin were disposed to discuss the substance of the bizonal economic reorganization and Noiret hinted very strongly that all these matters were now of great political import and would have to be discussed at the “forthcoming meeting in London”. St. Hardouin said that the French Government [Page 42] thought that this meeting would convene about the middle of February.

Insofar as the French are concerned, merely wish to advise that there are no talks consequence on either the Saar or Bizonia that are now going on with them in Berlin and they show no disposition at present to resume such discussions.

Sent Department as 206, repeated London as 27, Paris as 4.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Regarding the February 9, 1948 Military Government Proclamation providing for the establishment of a Bizonal German High Court, see the editorial note, p. 59.