IO Files: US/S/430

Memorandum of Telephone Conversations, Separately, by Mr. Charles P. Noyes of the United States Mission at the United Nations

Participants: Mr. Luciano Mascia, Italian Observer to the United Nations
Mr. V. G. Lawford, United Kingdom Delegation
Mr. C. P. Noyes, United States Mission

Mascia said his Government could not send him a new letter without a financial reservation. We would have to do our best with the old application.

Lawford advised that the British Foreign Office approves the Delegation’s action on Austria.

They are instructed to give priority to Italy and Trans-Jordan. As far as the Austrian application is concerned, they are not to take the lead. They do not wish Austria to be admitted before Italy or Eire. They hope they will not be asked to do more than approve a resolution similar to the Australian Resolution last fall. They will support such a resolution. If there is a strong drift in the direction of supporting Austria’s application without any reservation, they would support it reluctantly, so as not to be left behind. They will join in voting against Albania, Outer Mongolia, Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary. On Finland they will follow the United States lead. In any case, they will abstain rather than vote against. On Italy they will make a strong speech either after the U.S.S.R. has spoken in opposition to Italy or perhaps after the Russians have vetoed Italy’s application.