IO Files: US/S/404

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Charles P. Noyes of the United States Mission at the United Nations

Participants: Sir Alexander Cadogan, United Kingdom Delegation
M. de la Tournelle, French Delegation
Ambassador Austin, United States Mission

After the Big Five meeting on Membership was over, we discussed tactics. It was agreed that we should jointly propose Eire, Portugal and Austria for the provisional agenda.1 It was agreed that it would be preferable to have the Council meet on Friday and it was essential that final decision be taken before the end of next week. It was agreed that we should take the applications in the order in which they appeared in the letters requesting that they be put on the agenda and that each application should be discussed and voted on before the next one was considered.

We discussed the position we would take on the individual applications. We stated we would prefer to vote No on Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and Outer Mongolia and would do so if the French and British would also do so.

Sir Alexander indicated he would have to look up his instructions. He seemed to favor all acting alike.

M. de la Tournelle said his instructions were to vote No on Bulgaria and to abstain on the others.

As to Finland, the British and French seemed to feel they would favor. We said we had to get additional instructions on this question.

C. P. Noyes
  1. For text of this communication, see United Nations document S/715, April 7, 1948.