711.52/12–3047: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics


Representatives of Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Salvador have asked us informally whether we now intend to send an Ambassador to Madrid.

The UN General Assembly resolution of 12 December 1946 included a recommendation that “all members of UN immediately recall from Madrid their Ambassadors and Ministers Plenipotentiary accredited there”. With the exception of Argentina, UN members who then had Chiefs of Mission in Madrid withdrew them. We attach importance to scrupulous compliance with UN recommendations as a matter of major principle. Although a motion to reaffirm the 1946 resolution failed at the 1947 session to get the required two-thirds majority (US being among those opposing reaffirmation on ground it had been ineffective), 1946 resolution was not repealed and our opposition to reaffirmation indicates no change in our policy respecting a Chief of Mission in Madrid. Consequently, we contemplate no change in the status of our diplomatic representation in Madrid at this time.

Although you should take no initiative, you may reply along foregoing lines if FonOff should approach you, reporting any such conversations to the Department.