845.00/7–747: Telegram

The Ambassador in India ( Grady ) to the Secretary of State


491. I shall issue following statement at press conference today:

“I have no instructions from my Government but speaking for myself I can see no reason why, on the establishment of the two Dominions, there should not be prompt recognition of the fact by Washington. As to diplomatic representation, I would point out that all the Dominions are represented in Washington and, similarly, we have representation in all the Dominions.”

Any attempt to evade or escape this issue would only arouse ill-feeling and give rise to distorted reports re diplomatic recognition Pakistan.

It would be helpful to our future relations with Pakistan if the Secretary would at a press conference confirm and possibly elaborate my statement. I have avoided use of word Pakistan.

Trevelyan1 had told Donovan2 Pakistan plan have Embassy Washington but no indication who will fill post.

Sysons, Deputy High Commissioner, says quarters for five Embassies reserved Karachi: Great Britain, USA, France and “Malaya” and “Arab States.”

  1. Humphrey Trevelyan, predecessor of Major M. O. Ali Baig as First Secretary to the Agent General for India.
  2. Howard Donovan, Counselor of Embassy at New Delhi.