845.00/7–747: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in India


381. We fully approve press statement urtel 491 Jul 7. Our attitude toward emerging Pakistan state was clearly foreshadowed in Dept press release No. 466 Jun 10 which states in part “Future constitutional pattern is matter to be determined by Indian people themselves and whatever that pattern may be US Govt looks forward to continuance [Page 160] of friendliest relations with Indians of all communities and creeds.”1

We hope to have friendliest relations with new Pakistan state when it is established and as token that prospect I plan send message of good wishes to Pakistan constituent assembly when it convenes along same lines as recent messages to constituent assemblies New Delhi and Rangoon.2 Please cable soon as known chairman this Assembly and expected date first meeting.

You will appreciate that until actual establishment Pakistan Govt and official intimation from that Govt that it wishes exchange dip reps with US it would be inappropriate issue formal press statement here on subject recognition. If reference made to your statement in my next press conference I shall of course confirm it and mention Depts press release No. 466 as background. It is obvious from your recent reports that only satisfactory form for US representation Pakistan would be independent Emb at Karachi with separate Amb accredited to Pakistan. Without making any official commitments suggest you discuss details informally with Jinnah and at same time ask him for any suggestions he may care to make on subject dip representation US and Pakistan.

Sent to New Delhi, repeated London.

  1. For complete text, see Department of State Bulletin, June 22, 1947, pp. 1249–1250.
  2. Messages not found in Department of State files.