845.00/7–247: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Grady) to the Secretary of State


475. In private conversation after lunch yesterday, Viceroy told me that during morning he had been going over draft of new India Act with Congress and League leaders (meeting separately) and that “things had been going very well.” He said draft would be based on conception of continuing GOI and establishment Pakistan as a secession govt and indicated clearly he would like remain after August 15 as Governor General—at least of India, preferably of both Dominions. He seemed to feel it was important that he continue head of [sic] even after separation of Pakistan area from rest of India, (mytel 459, June 27, re Nehru’s request that Mountbatten remain as Governor General both Dominions.)

In this connection Viceroy expressed hope I could talk with Jinnah in near future since he felt it would help matters if Jinnah had some indication US intended establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan. He said it might be possible for US set up a diplomatic mission in Pakistan under a Chargé responsible to AMA [Amb?] in Delhi. On other hand he said he had told UK High Commissioner Shone that UK should send High Commissioner to Pakistan (mytel 454, June 271). I gathered Viceroy would like US to make an early commitment to Jinnah re some kind of diplomatic representation to Karachi as an aid to him in his negotiations with Jinnah. I hope the opportunity will come soon to talk informally with Jinnah. I shall get his views without, of course, making any commitment so far as our Govt is concerned.

Please repeat to London.

  1. Humphrey Trevelyan, predecessor of Major M. O. Ali Baig as First Secretary to the Agent General for India.