845.00/6–2747: Telegram

The Ambassador in India ( Grady )1 to the Secretary of State


459. I called on Nehru at EAD today. Chief points his remarks to me were:

The present government will continue in office except for those members who are Muslim Leaguers and will resign to join Pakistan. He emphasized continuity of government in “India” re Pakistan as having seceded with the approval of India because India does not wish to force it to remain.
His government has asked British to retain Mountbatten as Governor General for both India and Pakistan. Nehru said there was of course no assurance Pakistan would be agreeable though he seemed not without hope.
Nehru said he hoped India would receive expert assistance from USA but was not specific re projects. He stated government was [has?] a number of projects which he will later take up with me. He feels and I agree that little can be done for six weeks or two months.
Only comment re Mrs. Pandit was that her mission was a “difficult one”.2
Nehru was very cordial throughout conversation.

  1. Henry F. Grady assumed charge of the Embassy at the close of business June 25.
  2. Reference here is presumably to the appointment of Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit as Indian Ambassador to the Soviet Union.