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Memorandum by the Principal Executive Officer of the United States Delegation (Sandifer) to the Secretary of State


Subject: United States Candidate for President of the General Assembly


The slate agreed upon in the Department for the Presidency of the General Assembly was Spaak (Belgium), Evatt (Australia), and Aranha (Brazil) in that order. This was with the understanding that before making this known to other delegations we would assess the [Page 115] extent of support for Evatt and Aranha. Spaak has recently told our Embassy in Brussels that he did not wish to be a candidate for reelection because of the principle of rotation and the uncertainty of his being able to stay through the Session because of his situation at home.

Mr. Evatt is known to have the support of the British Commonwealth States, some of the Scandinavian States, and probably a number of other countries. He established himself at San Francisco as the champion of the smaller powers, and has wide popular support. Because of his drive and energy Mr. Evatt would undoubtedly be a good President. He would be effective in rallying world opinion in support of strong and affirmative General Assembly action.

Mr. Aranha, who was President of the Special Assembly Session on Palestine last spring, is also a good chairman, although his command of languages is not perfect. He is a man of experience and poise and definitely friendly to the United States. Aranha desires the presidency but a telegram from Rio de Janeiro, dated September 12, states that the Brazilian Foreign Office is not soliciting the election of Aranha for two reasons: to respect the principle of rotation of the office and to avoid prejudicing the possibility of Brazil’s election to the Economic and Social Council. We have not been able to obtain a complete picture of Latin American views on Aranha’s candidacy.


That the United States Delegation support Evatt for President of the Assembly, and that Evatt be informed of this promptly.
That the United States support Aranha for the Chairmanship of Committee 1.
That a high official of the United States Delegation (preferably the Secretary or Senator Austin) explain to Aranha our reasons for supporting Mr. Evatt, stressing our support for the principle of rotation in office but placing the highest personal emphasis upon our conviction that Aranha is indispensably needed for the difficult and valuable service in this important Assembly as Chairman of Committee 1, where the decisions on so many far-reaching issues will be worked out. His ability and experience are urgently needed there.


Advisers from Geographic Offices and Executive Officers

  • Mr. Rusk3
  • Mr. Johnson
  • Mr. Bohlen4

  1. Folder “Slates”.
  2. These recommendations were formulated in a meeting of the senior advisers of the United States Delegation Staff on September 13. Minutes of this meeting are in the IO Files, Doc. US/A/M(Chr)/41, not printed.
  3. Dean Rusk, Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs and a member of the United States Delegation Staff of Advisers.
  4. Charles E. Bohlen, Counselor of the Department of State and a member of the United States Delegation Staff of Advisers.