560.AL/5–747: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate at Geneva


312. Toito 42. Soviet delegation headed by Arutiunian1 and including three representatives from Ministry of Foreign Trade, is now here for Lend-Lease settlement negotiations which by definition are limited to terms of Soviet Lend-Lease Master Agreement.2 It is planned to discuss commercial policy with them in accordance with Article VII and the views of the delegation are solicited with respect to the scope of such discussions and the nature of the commitments the US might seek to obtain from the USSR. It is planned to outline the trade program, express regret at Soviet non-attendance at Geneva, and offer to discuss Charter in detail. Commitments sought might include expression of Soviet views on Charter and agreement to attend World Conference. Please advise promptly concerning delegation opinion.3

  1. Amazasp Avakimovich Arutyunyan, Deputy to Soviet Ambassador Novikov.
  2. For documentation regarding these negotiations with the Soviet Union, see Vol. iv, pp. 653 ff. The text of the Master Agreement with the Soviet Union, June 11, 1942, is printed in Department of State Executive Agreement Series, No. 253, or 56 Stat. (pt. 2), 1500.
  3. In telegram 282, May 9 (Frito 43). the delegation suggested that “Greatest help Geneva negotiations would be Soviet statement sympathy purposes ITO, indication … probability eventual membership ITO. In unlikely event you can get more than this, ask endorsement in principle of Article 31.” (560.AL/5–947)