Editorial Note

A substantial portion of the documentation printed in the Foreign Relations series for 1947 concerns subjects of relevance to the national security. Documentation in the present compilation is related to the formulation of high-level general policy. It is necessary to consider this material in connection with papers on specific issues and areas found elsewhere in the Foreign Relations volumes for 1947 for examination of policy implementation and for appreciation of the role of specific circumstances in the development of general policy. The compilations noted below are most directly related to the more general documentation printed here.

For documentation on United States policy at the United Nations with respect to the regulation of armaments and collective security, see pages 327 ff. Regarding foreign policy aspects of United States development of atomic energy, see pages 777 ff. For documentation on the Soviet Union and national security, see volume IV, pages 514 ff. passim. Regarding the political and economic crisis in Europe and the United States response (the Marshall Plan), see volume III, pp. 197484. For documentation on United States economic and military aid to Greece and Turkey (the Truman Doctrine), see volume V, pp. 1484. To locate documentation on United States policy with respect to military assistance to individual nations or areas, see the indexes of volumes III, V, VI, VII, and VIII.

For documentation on the negotiation of the Trusteeship Agreement for the former Japanese-mandated islands in the Pacific, concluded between the United States and the Security Council of the United Nations, April 2, 1947, see pages 258 ff. To locate documentation on United States policy with respect to the acquisition of bases and military [Page 708] air transit rights in various areas of the world, see the indexes of volumes III, V, VI, and VIII.