500. A/1–447: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Johnson) to the Secretary of State


10. USDel, talking to junior officers of British and French delegations and to Hasluck (Australia) was informed that they personally would have no objection to SC discussing general aspects of GA disarmament resolution1 without waiting for SC to take action on AEC report.2 Hasluck and De Rose (France) both indicated that they could see no real disadvantage to the creation of a commission by SC to consider regulation and reduction of armament simultaneously with AEC deliberations.

All three delegations favored temporary postponement of consideration of AEC report (USDel’s 1002. December 313) and the GA disarmament resolution is now on SC agenda. Therefore, it may be difficult at SC meeting January 7 to avoid general discussion of this item if the Trieste item is passed without long debate.