Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Hsu Yung-chang to General Marshall

No. 629

According to Radio Message of 11 June from Gen. Tu Li Ming that since 1500 hours, 7 June, time and again, the Communist Party troops attacking Nationalist 88th Division near Lafa was increased. On 8 June, the old rail station south of Lafa was occupied. On 9 June, the Communist Party troops were increased to 21 infantry regiments and 1 artillery regiment and attacked the national forces at Lafa with full strength. On 10 June, Lafa was occupied by Communist Party troops and they further attacked Ku Chia Tze, west of Lafa. The Commander of Nationalist 263rd Regiment, 88th Division was killed in battle. This is to notify you of the above.