Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Chou En-lai to General Marshall67

MM 031

Despite the issuance of the 15-day armistice order, Nationalist troops are intensifying their aggressive action along the various fronts in Manchuria. Thus General Yeh, Communist Commissioner of Executive Headquarters reported:

  • “1. In the morning of June 8th, two Nationalist regiments stationed at Tingchiafangshen townlet, due southwest of Faku (123°23’–42°33’) launched bitter attacks toward Faku. After fierce engagement, they wrested away Tahsiaofangshen (15 km away from Faku), and continued their drive toward Faku. Up till this hour ferocious fighting is still under way.
  • “2. In the Penhsih (123°46’–41°21’) sector, attack against the Communists was launched in the morning of June 8th. One route of the Nationalists sallied out from Langtzeshan townlet (45 lis due southwest of Penhsih), while a second route made a thrust upon Communist position to the south of Chiaotou townlet (15 lis due south of Penhsis). The bitter fighting is still going on.
  • “3. At about the same time, Tsemuchiao townlet, 20 lis due southwest of Haicheng (121°44’–40°52’), was also being attacked by the Nationalists.
  • “4. In the Lafa (127°19’–43°55’) sector, the Nationalist troops laid bitter attacks on the Communist position both before and after June 7th. No abatement of the Nationalist action has yet been observed.”

All the foregoing actions took place after noon, June 7th, the hour, at which the 15-day armistice was being enforced. You are therefore requested to notify the Nationalist troops that such aggressive actions should be stopped without delay.

[Signature in Chinese]
Chou En-lai
  1. Copy forwarded by General Marshall to Gen. Hsu Tung-chang with memorandum OSE 164, June 13, not printed.