Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by Colonel J. Hart Caughey to the Committee of Three

Following is Trusum No. 11, for period ended 2400, 25 Jan:

“Executive Hqs field team number 8 left Shanghai at 0800 hours 25 January for Canton, chief city of Kwangtung Province, where it will establish its base. Colonel Paul Miller heads the American section of the team.

“A joint meeting was scheduled to be held at Hankow, Hupeh Province, at which the recent agreement reached at Loshan,12 Honan Province, will be brought before General Koh, vice commander of the Sixth War Area, for approval. The Kuangshan, Honan Province, field team arrived in Hankow on 24 January for the conference. It will return to its base as soon as the meeting has been concluded.

“A summary of the situation at Chihfeng, Jehol Province, will be forwarded in Trusum No. 12.”13

  1. See Colonel Caughey’s memorandum of January 26, p. 382.
  2. Not printed.