Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

The Three Commissioners to the Committee of Three

95. Following situation Chihfeng from official team reports.

Russian troops scheduled to evacuate Chihfeng January 23. Communist Army headquarters reported on 22 January at Peiching (0554–0064) on road west and southwest from Chihfeng 10 miles distant. 1,000 Communist troops reported at Peiching. 68th Communist regiment 1,500 strong at Ko Ju Ho and Ching Jah Ying, both near Peiching. 69th Communist regiment with 1,950 men at Laifu, 40 miles southwest of Chihfeng. 66th Communist regiment at Songmao, 8 miles north of Chihfeng. All above data prior to January 23.

Nationalist troops about 8 miles east of city of Chihfeng with orders from General Tu Li-ming to occupy Chihfeng upon evacuation of Russians. This action was ordered suspended by direction of the field team.

Local Pacification troops numbering 1,200 are now in control of Chihfeng. These Pacification troops are responsible to the Provincial government of Jehol and can therefore be termed Communist-led troops. Date of their arrival in Chihfeng has not as yet been determined by our field team. Pending an investigation they have been directed by the team to retain the town but not occupy other positions vacated by the Russians.

In view of the fact that the National Army apparently had orders to reoccupy Chihfeng when vacated by the Russians, the Commissioners last night sent instructions to General Tu Li-ming to cease movement and specifically directed that he should not occupy the town of Chihfeng. Instructions have likewise been sent to the held team at Chihfeng stating that the movement of either side into the city of Chihfeng would be a violation of the truce agreement. They [Page 382] were further instructed to determine the date of entry of the local Pacification troops into the city of Chihfeng and to report the status of the Russian withdrawal.

In view of the above action already taken by the Executive Headquarters, the commissioners have no recommendation to submit for consideration in Chungking. If it is found that Pacification troops occupied the city or other positions after midnight, January 13, they will be ordered to evacuate to positions held as of that hour and date. The commissioners will retain the position that no troop movements will be allowed in the area in question as agreed in the cessation of hostilities conferences in Chungking and will enforce this stand with all means at their disposal unless further instructions are received.