Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson to General Marshall

96. The following information contained in personal reports of Colonel Tourtillott, American team member in Chihfeng, was omitted from Commissioners 959 sent in response to your 103:10

It is reported that elements of Eighth Route Army are now infiltrating toward Chihfeng. General Chou Fu-shing, in command of so-called Pacification Troops now in control of city, stated that Executive Headquarters had no authority over him and he would not withdraw his troops. Stated he took orders only from Governor of Jehol. On January 25 situation was still tense. If Communists fail to cooperate fighting is likely to result. Nationalists have been correct and proper and have offered every cooperation. The Communist representative has been frequently absent, has refused to assume responsibility, and has been evasive. When pinned down he stated he did not have authority. He was to be replaced, but replacement did not report in area. Reported driven back by bandits. End of summary.

On January 25 Executive Headquarters issued orders to Generals Tu Li-min and Shiao Ke to cease all movement toward Chihfeng.

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