Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson to General Marshall

86. At Commissioners’ meeting this afternoon General Cheng Kai-min read radiogram from Generalissimo quoting message which Gimo had received from General Tu Li-min stating that, upon request of Russians, Tu Li-min was moving troops into Chihfeng upon evacuation by Russians in accordance with Sino-Russian agreement, The Gimo added instructions to General Cheng to see that this movement was carried out. We strongly protested that such action was an open violation of cease-fire order and that Executive Headquarters, with all due respect to the Gimo, could not recognize authority of either side to take unilateral action contrary to terms of agreement. General [Page 381] Cheng stated that Gimo was taking up question with you in Chungking. We took position that, until we had received official word to the effect that our directive had been modified by mutual consent, we must consider any such movement of troops by General Tu Li-min to be violation of truce agreement. During discussion we received a message from our team in Chihfeng reporting that there was probability of peaceful settlement and urging that order given 13th Army by Tu Li-min be revoked. We stated to General Cheng that Executive Headquarters could not take cognizance of personal telegram to him but suggested that he advise Gimo immediately to have General Tu Li-min revoke order. Executive Headquarters has just dispatched message to Tu Li-min ordering him not to carry out movement.