Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Chou En-lai to General Marshall

No. 101.2–6

The Chinese service of the Central News reported to-day that the Soviet troops at and in the vicinities of Chihfeng are going to withdraw and that the garrison duties of these areas will be taken over by the government troops. According to the same source, Wang Ting-hsuan, liaison officer of the government army was reported saying that “the National Army would follow the directive of the Executive Headquarters and even after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops the National Army will proceed to Chihfeng only by order of President Chiang Kai-shek.”

In this connection may I recall that at the Conference of Three the government representative has declared that the government would not claim the sovereignty over Chihfeng and Tolun for the time being, but rather leave it to be solved later on as a part of the overall problems relating to Jehol and Chahar. By virtue of this statement I wish to point out that should Chihfeng be now taken over by the government troops, it would constitute a breach of our previous understanding. Inasmuch as this should be adhered to, and the government liaison officer had declared that the government troops would follow the directive of the Executive Headquarters at Peiping, I therefore propose, pending your approval, that we instruct the Executive Headquarters to the effect that the garrison duties of places evacuated by the Soviet troops at Chihfeng should solely be taken over by the [Page 377] local existing Peace Preservation Corps, so that any complication liable to entail serious consequences might be forestalled.

Faithfully yours,

[Signature in Chinese]
Chou En-lai