Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Marshall to General Chang Chun

While I do not find reference in the official documents concerning the truce agreements to the effect that the Executive Headquarters [Page 376] has no jurisdiction over hostilities in Manchuria, I am informed by Mr. Robertson, the U. S. Commissioner in Peking, that the Commissioners are of the opinion and have publicly announced that the Executive Headquarters has no jurisdiction in Manchuria.

In this connection, I have received reports of serious conflicts around Yingkow.6 I recommend that we here agree to direct Executive Headquarters to dispatch immediately a team to Yingkow.

I propose that further action in Manchuria under the terms of the “cease firing” order be directed by us from Chungking in each instance, but to be carried out by the Executive Headquarters.

If you indicate your agreement I will dispatch the enclosed message7 to the Commissioners in Peking.

  1. Reported in memoranda of January 17 and January 19 by the Military Attaché at Chungking, neither printed.
  2. Not found attached to file copy of memorandum.