300.4016 D.P./2–2146: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

u.s. urgent

1735. Kindly advise Brit FonOff that US Govt is planning to close displaced persons camps in US zone in Germany, except those in which persecuted groups are housed, on July 1, 1946, with possible announcement thereof to inmates of camps by March 1, 1946. This decision has been reached on the assumption that such an announcement will encourage and facilitate the repatriation to their countries of origin or of former residence of those willing to return and that such repatriation will be in large part completed by July 1. Kindly secure information from FonOff of Brit plans with respect to closing of camps in their zone.

No decision has yet been made with respect to closing of camps in US zone Austria where action obviously must be correlated. Decision manifestly is of interest to UNRRA. We propose to notify Director General immediately upon receipt of your reply to this cable.