840.4016/2–1446: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State


321. Remytel 214, Jan. 31.45 Key46 has informed Voroshilov47 that failure of Hungarian Govt to provide food for German deportees and give deportees adequate notice of removal is in violation of ACC Germany’s policy that transfer of populations must be conducted in humane manner. Key’s message specifically states that five trains arrived in US zone without food and that as result emergency rations had to be supplied by US army.

ACC Chairman was requested by Key to notify Hungarian Govt that no further movements of deportees will be approved except under following conditions:

Each deportee shall have 5 days’ notice in advance of his scheduled departure.
Each deportee shall be permitted to take with him such food stuffs as he can carry.
In addition the Hungarian Govt shall supply 10 days’ rations for consumption of deportees en route to American zone.

Key concludes letter with statement that “when these requirements are met the US authorities will permit the resumption of train movements”.

Sent Dept, repeated Berlin as 18.

  1. Not printed; this document dealt in part with Hungarian deportation of the Swabs which was proceeding with difficulty (840.4016/1–3146).
  2. Maj. Gen. William S. Key, Chief of the American Representation, Allied Control Commission for Hungary.
  3. Marshal of the Soviet Union Kliment Efremovich Voroshilov, Chairman, Allied Control Commission for Hungary.