862R.014/7–2646: Telegram

The Minister in the Union of South Africa (Holcomb) to the Secretary of State


121. See my 969, July 3 and 983, July 12 both dispatched courier July 16 describing reaction to substance your 370, June 31 conveyed orally Smuts July 3 summarized as follows:

Smuts received suggestion friendly manner agreeing it requires consideration. No other indication his attitude but gained impression would not reject advice US Govt though compliance entails difficulties as he publicly announced would raise question special meeting General Assembly.

Conversation with Forsyth2 July 11 revealed Smuts under misapprehension US desired mission report concerning mandate coming session. I emphasized my Govt hoped Union would not propose incorporation coming session that proposal if made by other member assembly Union Govt simply recognize international character question reserving position until establishment trustee system, meanwhile expressing willingness make available annual report mandate. Forsyth, obviously reassured, stated Union Govt grateful US and anxious its support question incorporation and that he believes Smuts willing defer matter but hopes settlement within one year. He added his Govt recognizing evils Union’s native policy is determined continue existing policy in mandate. Union hopes this would convince Southern Rhodesia that Union capable handling such matters and would influence colony join Union.

  1. None printed. In instruction No. 370 reference was made to a statement made in Parliament by Field-Marshal J. C. Smuts, Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs in Union of South Africa, to the effect that he intended to take up the question of the future status of the mandated territory of South West Africa at the meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September (862R.014/6–346).
  2. Douglas D. Forsyth, Secretary to Prime Minister Smuts.