The Soviet Chargé (Novikov) to the Secretary of State


Sir: In compliance with the instructions of the Soviet Government, I have the honor to communicate to you that in reply to the note about which the Government of the United States of America is informed, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, of February 27 of this year,33 with respect to the situation in Spain, the Soviet Government, through its Ambassador in Paris, has addressed the following note to the Government of France:

“The Soviet Government has taken due note of the French Government’s note which states that at present the policy practiced by the Government of General Franco appears as a challenge both to the principles of international law and the democratic ideal, and may cause a situation endangering international peace and security, and likewise the proposal of the French Government that this question be considered by the Security Council.

“The Soviet Government shares this opinion of the Government of the French Republic and subscribes to the proposal that the question of the Franco Government be judged by the Security Council, believing it imperative that this be done at the next meeting of the Council.”

A similar communication has been transmitted by the Soviet Government to the Government of Great Britain.

Accept [etc.]

N. Novikov
  1. See telegram 955, February 27, from Paris, p. 1043.